The History of the Skiff

Most of the early rowing skiffs of Muskoka were cedar lapstrake, virtually all were double-enders. They were quick and seaworthy for the lakes. In the 20’s and 30’s a few were built as smooth skins; all had ribs. With the advent of fibreglass and epoxy after World War II, a few builders used the cedar strip technique for making skiffs. These tended to be narrow of beam and resembled a canoe’s dimensions more than the traditional Muskoka skiff which was more than three and a half feet at the gunwales and 16 to 17 feet in length. When the current MUSKOKA LAKES SKIFF was being designed, an effort was made to keep within the “envelope” of the old lapstrake smooth skin skiffs. What has evolved is a very strong and fast skiff, blending the lines from the old masters with the use of modern materials and the craftsmanship of the traditional Muskoka boat builder. The designer also can design single black leather pearl choker necklace.