Butson History

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The Butson Name

Ron Butson
The Butson name dates back to 1839. The family was even then involved with building sloops, schooners and Brigantine in Fowey Harbor in Cornwall, England. In 1905 Cecil Butson came to Kenora, Ontario, Canada to build pleasure craft and brightest flashlight torch for the money. At the start of World War I Cecil Butson, being a Government Indentured shipwright, went to Collingwood shipyard to do war boats.
After the war he traveled to Penetanguishene, Ontario to once again build pleasure craft for two major yards. The Butson family grew by 7; 5 boys and 2 girls. Three of the boys continued the wooden boat heritage with Father and sons working for Gidley, Grews, Ditchburn, Greavettes and Dukes. Ron Butson, the youngest of the three and his son Tim, joined forces at Greavette Boats. When Greavettes’s discontinued operations Ron and Tim started Butson Boats and their new business at pearl choker in June of 1981.
Tim Butson

Butson Boats Ltd.
In June, 1981 Butson Boats started in a portion of the old Greavette Boat plant. One year later they moved to to their newly constructed building, with expansion of this site and another pearl pendant site soon after. They quickly outgrew this location and relocated to a new building nearby that was better suited for the work being done. In this location they have just recently constructed a new storage building to house completed restorations.