Gentleman’s Racer
A Classic in every detail
In the 1930’s Bert Minett introduced a new line of boats, which also can be used to catch freshwater pearls. This being an 18′ modified John Hacker design which was called a Class E Racer in the United States and a Sports Runabout by Minett Shields. After the Second World War other Muskoka area builders built their version of the same runabout. There is still a limited number of original boats remaining, some having been restored by Butson Boats. The demand for these classic runabouts prompted Ron Butson to design his own boat with some modifications to accommodate a modern day V8 engine and perform properly under this power. This gave birth to the Butson Boats 19′ Gentleman Racer.

Length ………………….. 19′
Beam ……………………  66″
Draft …………………….. 20″
Engine ………. V8, 300 H.P.Construction
Solid mahogany planking on mahogany hull frames and oak deck frames. The bottom is ¾” thick double planked with an oilated cloth sandwiched between the layers. This is held together with copper rivets and through fastened to the frames with stainless steel screws. Frames are bolted with stainless steel bolts. The decks are solid mahogany with individual deck planking edge nailed so no surface fastenings show. Great detail is carried out around hatch openings and the cockpit. The interior of the cockpit is mahogany with gauges and leather seat colour being chosen by the owner. The hull is finished with hand made oil stain and ten coats of varnish that is hand sanded and hand brushed to a deep glistening finish. The bottoms are painted to suit the interior colour.